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The Geoparque


The Geoparque is one of the most authentic and unique places in Spain. The Geoparque del Altiplano de Granada (Granada’s high plateau geopark) is formed by thousands of badlands and gullies.


Inside, there are the largest paleontological sites of vertebrates of the European Quaternary.


It is a great place to visit, recommended to delight your senses.

The Megalithic Park of Gor-Gorafe


Along the 8 km of the fluvial valley of Gor and Gorafe, there is the highest concentration of dolmens in the Iberian Peninsula, with a total amount of 198 megalithic tombs.

The Negratín Reservoir


It is the 3rd largest reservoir in Andalusia.


It is known by the name “el mar del Altiplano” (“the high plateau sea”). Several water sports can be practiced here: sailing, canoeing, kayaking, paddle surfing… Fishing is also practiced.


The Negratín Reservoir has several beaches, including a nudist beach.

The Negratín Viewpoint


The Negratín or Jabalcón Viewpoint is located in the surroundings of the Negratín Reservoir. It is one of the most attractive spots in the high plateau.


From this place, we will be able to see the badlands. These are specific landscapes of the Granada high plateau area, and they look especially stunning around the Negratín Reservoir. The badlands form canyons and ravines up to 100 meters deep.

The Sierra de Castril Natural Park


The Sierra de Castril Natural Park stands out for its orography, molded thanks to the limestone composition of its soil and the effects of a large amount of rainfall on its summits. This enhances the abundance of caves and galleries.


In its 12265 hectares of extension, we can find Cabrera shrews, vultures, peregrine falcons and Egyptian vultures.

The Castril River Canyon


It is a short yet intense hiking route. The path runs along a wooden footbridge, anchored to the rocks, and goes over the Castril River.


The access is free and it is the perfect place to enjoy a walk surrounded by nature and its impressive views.


It is also a must visit place for those who love hiking.

The Freila beach


Known for its magical sunsets, the Freila beach is an inland beach immersed between badlands, which will allow us to enjoy a relaxing time in a special environment.


Here you can enjoy a refreshing swim, the tranquility of fishing, boat trips, canoeing, etc.

The Cuevas del Campo nudist beach


Cuevas del Campo is an inland beach that is completely signposted and qualified for nudism. You can sunbathe or take a dip in absolute tranquility, in a unique landscape.

The Zúcar hot springs


The hot springs of Baños de Zújar is located next Cerro Jabalcón. It has a swimming pool with thermal water (around 22º C) that is open to the public and next to a restaurant. It is the perfect place to relax and get the most of the therapeutic effects of these hot springs, while enjoying a wonderful panoramic view of the mountains and the badlands at the same time.


Opening hours: 10 am to 8 pm.

Entrance fee: 2 €.

The Baza Cathedral


The Baza Cathedral or Co-Cathedral is a Renaissance style monument in Baza. It was built during the 16th century on the site of the old mosque.


Its tower has five sections in which there is the bell-tower with more than 15 bells.


It is declared “Bien de Interés Cultural” (Heritage of Cultural Interest).

The Arab baths in Baza


The Arab baths are the public baths of the old headquarter of Marzuela, and are located next to which was its mosque. They date back to the 13th century, and they were working until the 16th century.


They can be visited during all the year, except on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Free entrance.

Opening hours: 11 am – 1 pm and 6 pm – 8 pm.

Interpretation Center for Archaeological sites (CIYA)


It is designed to offer information and a better understanding of the processes of the Iberian culture in its settlement in Baza.


The visitor will be able to interact and learn all about the Lady of Baza and the Iberian civilization of Basti.


The CIYA goes far beyond the traditional concept of a museum.

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